Keeping Our Kids Safe At School


– 2019 Pilot – 

Situation Analysis


Despite America’s increased spending on school safety resources, homicide rates and active shooter incidents have increased dramatically. Over the last few years, school homicides have increased by 45% and the average annual number of active shooter incidents has increased by 156%.

1.4 million students faced some sort of victimization on school grounds in 2013. In fact, according to the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) young people in America are 58% more likely to face victimization and 85% more likely to face violent victimization while at school than anywhere else.

For the first time in our nation’s history, America’s schools have become the most likely place to encounter youth victimization and violence.


A Solution


The Fight Back Foundation (a Colorado 501c3) has partnered with Smart Data Dashboard to pilot a comprehensive, data-based approach to school safety that could be standardized and made available to all schools regardless of demographics, size or location, called the “Keeping Our Kids Safe at School” 2018 Pilot.

Everyone’s talking about solutions, but without a diagnosis of the actual problems.
The 1st step needs to be a deep dive on what’s wrong – at the school & district level.
Our focus is on diagnostic tools to find out what problems we are solving for.

We are uniquely poised to bring together two critical data platforms that can identify where resources should be focused to protect our students. Smart Data Dashboard and School Safety 360 will integrate two critical systems of data together – student data and facility/cultural issues; organize them appropriately and provide critical data to authorized users who can view the information for greater awareness, detection, and intervention – we’ll diagnose the problems so they can be fixed. Period.

Smart Data Dashboard delivers an automated data dashboard with early warning and early intervention systems for Student Achievement and Safe Schools. The system captures from available databases the indicators of a propensity to violence and analyzes in real time the data necessary for identifying universal behavioral trends and individual students who may require formal, tiered academic, behavioral supports. Smart Data will also integrate an anonymous tip phone line and app that will be a means to relay information anonymously about unsafe or criminal activities to law enforcement and public safety agencies and school officials.

School Safety 360 is a comprehensive school safety campus assessment that pulls from a number of nationally recognized resources, such as law enforcement, public safety, DHS and FBI checklists.


The assessment tool includes a comprehensive and weighted evaluation of each school’s facility, culture, incident metrics, and alignment with recommended approaches to school safety. Final scoring will create a comprehensive School Safety Profile identifying opportunities to improve on all fronts (gaps).


We’ll provide the data to diagnose the problem, so you can fix them.

Scaling-Up Requires Additional Funding


The Fight Back Foundation’s “Keeping Our Kids Safe at School” 2019 Pilot will test the various components including information sharing, site assessment, and school team training for three small to medium-sized school districts (up to 30 schools in each) in Florida and Colorado to create a model that can be scaled to districts nationwide.


Our mission is to create a School Improvement Model based on safe school facilities, safe school culture, and student achievement assessments.


We’ll implement a districtwide data collection and analytics system to identify At-Risk students and facilities, Corrective Action Plans, strategies and interventions addressing specific areas of need, a continuous monitoring system for real-time analytics and measurable results, and an escalation process for extremely high-risk students and high-risk facilities.


We’ll also organize and manage a team of education-focused players with experience, skills, and passion to implement effective and meaningful strategies for districtwide improvement.


The final work product from the pilot will be a standardized, tested platform that can be duplicated in districts nationwide in a cost-effective, efficient manner to make sure our schools and our children are as safe as possible.

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