Our Family of Fight Back Projects

Protecting Colorado Children Hurt by Domestic Violence.

Bringing Colorado Moms Together to Tackle Tough Issues.

Bringing Colorado Dads Together to Tackle Tough Issues.

Helping Schools Protect Our Kids.

Bringing Colorado College Students Together to Tackle Tough Issues.

Research and Advocacy to Increase Sexual Assault Prosecution Rates.


What is an Incubator?
 Startup incubators are short-term support programs that offer intense mentoring by experts and other resources for a small group of startup companies. These companies are selected through a competitive application process, and enter and exit the program in “cohorts.”

How do you apply? We have a robust selection process that is based on the viability of the business, the commitment and talents of the founder, and the relevance to the most important issues Colorado kids are facing. Our talented board of directors selects the finalists.

Apply to be a Fight Back Fellow by June 15, 2018.

We’ll invite 12 concepts to our 3-Day Launch Boot Camp, and at the end we’ll announce the final 3 concepts that will become Fight Back Fellows.




The time is ripe for entrepreneurial approaches to social problems. Government and traditional charities have fallen short and are often viewed as inefficient, ineffective, and unresponsive. Social entrepreneurs are building new models for a brighter future.


At Fight Back Foundation we support great people, with great ideas, solving tough social issues! Maralee Mclean is one of those people, her story is critical to hear. We are excited to support Maralee in a new documentary project to help protect our most at-risk children.


Check out the Indiegogo page to learn more about the documentary and help spread the word!


Virginia McArver, Ph.D.
Founder and Principal, Gavia Strategies

Virginia McCarver, Ph.D., is founder and principal at Gavia Strategies, a strategic communication firm specializing in strategic communication campaigns and consulting in support of issues and policies relevant to women and girls. She received her doctorate in strategic communication and women’s studies from UC-Boulder and has ten years of experience in strategic communication consulting around an array of social issues and business development challenges. A former professor of communication and women’s studies, her work on women, leadership, and work is published in a range of academic and professional outlets.


Her research on representations of women in power and leadership roles earned her the National Women’s Scholar of the Year Award from the Organization for Research on Women and Communication.

Woody Boyd
USAF Lt Col (Ret) and Contractor with Campus Defense

Woody Boyd is a USAF Lt Col (Ret) and currently serves as a Contractor with Campus Defense, a school risk mitigation program offered by the Moms Fight Back Foundation a 501c4. He is an experienced professional with over 27 years specializing in personal safety and security, facility risk mitigation, operational risk management, security infrastructure / operational compliance and organizational resilience for domestic and international clients.


Prior to working with Campus Defense, Woody developed and delivered the Principles of Security program which focused on a cradle to grave approach to organizational and personal security. One former client stated, “Woody demystified security and assisted us in developing a robust security program without having to spend thousands on infrastructure modifications.”


Woody’s hard-earned experience comes from 25 years of service in the USAF as a Security Forces Officer. As a Senior Law Enforcement and Security Director Woody managed and led law enforcement, security, and anti-terrorism operations, education and training for officers and communities in the US and International arena. Woody is a respected security professional whose counsel is sought and valued by the protection industry.

Help us launch the Fight Back Fellowship to incubate Social Entrepreneurs solving Colorado’s biggest social problems.

Fund an important documentary shedding light on mishandling of child abuse cases in our family courts.

Help us fund a pilot to dramatically improve school safety and protect Colorado children.

Support a pilot to measure and improve District Attorney teenage sexual assault prosecution rates.