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What is an Incubator?

Startup incubators are short-term support programs that offer intense mentoring by experts and other resources for a small group of startup companies.

How will the 12 finalists be selected to participate in the 3-Day Launch Boot Camp?

The robust selection process is based on the viability of the business, the commitment and talents of the founder, and the relevance to the most critical issues Colorado kids are facing. The Fight Back Foundation’s board of directors will select the finalists based on applications submitted by June 15, 2018.

Who should apply?

We look for Colorado social entrepreneurs who have:

  • A heart and spirit for solving SIGNIFICANT social problems.
  • Start-ups with considerable market opportunities that also solve a social issue today’s kids face.
  • Innovative concepts that can attract investment and community support.
  • Leaders who are serious about creating cultural and social impact through their venture.
  • Humble and teachable leadership.

Are there age or stage requirements to apply?

  • We welcome applications from all age groups and at all stages of business.
  • Even if you just have an idea at this point, we encourage you to put it down on paper and apply by completing as much of the application as possible.
  • Non-profits are welcome to apply as long as they are looking at a sustainability model (paid products/services as opposed to fundraising).
  • Startups or non-profits who exceed $100k in annual revenue are asked not to apply.

What is a social enterprise and do I need to be one to apply?

  • A social enterprise is an organization that addresses an unmet need or solves a social problem through market-driven approaches.
  • Yes, the Fight Back Foundation Fellows are focused on helping Colorado entrepreneurs who launch their business as a means to bring change in the world and solve tough social issues facing kids.

What will happen during the Launch Boot Camp?

  • Curriculum targeting critical early-stage business issues, Colorado-specific policy information, as well as topics affecting social entrepreneurs.
  • Coaching integrated into the curriculum and a focus on solving more profound matters to produce impactful behavioral and operational change.

Who are the mentors I will work with?

  • The Fight Back Fellows program will create meaningful connections to high-value, gender and industry-diverse mentors and investors, including:
    • Heidi Ganahl is a successful entrepreneur, founding Camp Bow Wow, a $100 million leader in the pet franchise industry. She has received accolades in the press including named as one of Fortune Magazine’s Top 10 Most Promising Entrepreneurs and a 2016 Colorado Brave Leader. Heidi founded the Fight Back Foundation following the sale of Camp Bow Wow in 2014, and recently won a statewide election to serve on the University of Colorado Board of Regents.
  • Additional mentors will be announced as they are confirmed.

What happens after the 3-Day Launch Boot Camp?

As a Fight Back Fellow, you will receive continued mentorship (virtual and in person), support and facilitated connections based on your company’s needs. We also ask for a commitment to become an alumni mentor and contribute a small portion of your annual revenue for three years to the Fight Back Foundation after the completion of the year-long program to ‘pay it forward’ and help future Fight Back Fellows launch.

Are there examples of startups that fit into your criteria and goals to reference as an example?

Some of the companies we admire in the space of solving challenges facing our youth include: Revolar, YOU at College, Callisto, Parenting Safe Children, KoalaSafe, etc. We are looking for innovative ideas so don’t limit yourself!