Fightback Foundation has announced its 12 finalists for the 2018 class of Fight Back Fellows (Fellows), fulfilling its commitment to work with entrepreneurs of all ages and stages to find solutions to some of the most pressing issues facing Colorado kids.


The Foundation has invited 12 individuals or teams to expand on their ideas at a curriculum-rich three-day Launch Boot Camp this Fall that will include a “shark tank” style pitch competition. Ultimately, three concepts will be selected to be Fellows, receiving $5,000 in grant support, an additional $5,000 in donated vendor support, coaching and mentorship from top entrepreneurs and business leaders.


“We were so impressed with both the quality and passion of applicants to tackle tough issues and look forward to working with the finalists to continue to explore and evolve their ideas into solutions to serve future generations,” said Fight Back Foundation Founder Heidi Ganahl, who also founded Camp Bow Wow and currently serves on the University of Colorado’s Board of Regents. “With so many serious issues facing Colorado kids, we believe social entrepreneurship is the key to finding successful solutions to serve future generations.”


Finalists for the Fight Back Fellows program, which includes social entrepreneurs at various stages of development, include:

Career Allies
The mission of Career Allies is to end the penalty of motherhood by helping companies retain female employees when they have kids through a web-based platform that helps guide the mom and employer through a research-based, proven approach to retention, engagement and effective transitions.


Culture 5:11
Culture 5:11 brings awareness to teens, young adults and parents about the counter-worthy messaging in the media, social media and pornography through expert education, awareness and resources for teens and parent groups.


Fam Filter
Fam Filter will be an app that takes parental and user input on YouTube videos that are deceptive in nature to children to better prevent videos from appearing in playlist recommendations.


Foster Together
Foster Together tells Colorado foster care stories to engage the curiosity of the general public and bring this important topic out of the shadows. Then, combining awareness with action, the program shows the average person how to do something simple to help people affected by child abuse and neglect.


Involve Board
Involve Board is a one-stop-shop connecting Colorado students, parents, teachers and counselors to the numerous opportunities available to teens for volunteer experiences, leadership programs, summer camps and professional opportunities. These connections allow teens to engage in their communities, develop their passions, prepare for the future and unlock their potential.


Kids Ethics
Kids Ethics works to develop ethical reasoning and rhetorical skills in children by helping educate parents and others to nurture and inspire a culture of conversation about virtuous reasoning, behavior and ethical decision making.


Mama Sagas
The Mama Sagas is a blog and online video series dedicated to empowering moms through shared experiences and expert solutions. Its mission is to build empathy and community through the power of storytelling, and to provide credible expert answers and workable solutions to the most pressing issues facing moms.


Oasis Mental Health
Oasis promotes student mental health and healthy, holistic living by transforming the individual cultures of high schools through establishing an open conversation about mental health through merchandise accompanied by a letter from someone who has overcome mental health issues.


STARS Spectrum
STARS Spectrum is focused on addressing the social, leisure and life skills of students with high functioning autism needs, and creating an inclusive setting for all children to become comfortable in their social world and productive members of society.


St. Claire Drake
The St. Claire Drake enrichment program is a recruiting and support mentor program for black students in advance and AP coursework. The school-based enrichment program encourages higher percentages of black students to complete accelerated coursework and improve and complete their academic career.


Visible Network Labs is a tech-for-good, data science company developing a social connectedness platform as a way to give new voice to how kids and adults express their mental health challenges, to find a path to wellness.

Stay tuned to see which three Fight Back Fellows will receive financial support and mentorship to further their idea!