The Fight Back Fellowship is at the forefront of our efforts. We empower Social Entrepreneurs to solve the toughest issues kids in Colorado are facing.

Startup incubators are short-term support programs that offer intense mentoring by experts and other resources for a small group of startup companies. These companies are selected through a competitive application process, and enter and exit the program in “cohorts.” Our program lasts one year, you’ll always be a part of our Fight Back Family once a Fellow.


  • Participation in our 3-day boot camp to launch our partnership, with an additional 2 days if they are chosen to become a Fellow.
  • A curriculum targeting critical early-stage business issues, Colorado-specific policy information, as well as topics affecting social entrepreneurs.
  • Coaching integrated into the curriculum and a focus on solving deeper issues to produce impactful behavioral and operational change.
  • Connections to high-value, gender and industry-diverse mentors and investors.
  • Meaningful connections to relevant investors throughout the entire program.
  • Virtual mentoring to ensure connection throughout the program.
  • $5,000 grant and $5,000 in donated vendor support.


1. We have a robust selection process that is based on the viability of the business, the commitment and talents of the founder and the relevance to the most important issues Colorado kids are facing. Our talented board of directors selects the finalists.

2.  We’ll invite 12 concepts to our 3 Day Launch Boot Camp.

3.  At the end, we’ll announce the final 3 concepts that will become Fight Back Fellows.


We look for Colorado Change Makers, Entrepreneurs and Students with:

• Entrepreneurial hearts & a spirit for solving BIG problems.

• Start Ups with considerable market opportunities that also solve a social issue our kids face.

• Innovative concepts that can attract investment and community support.

• Leaders who are serious about creating cultural and social impact through their venture.

• Humble and teachable leadership.


Yes. Our Incubator is focused on helping Colorado entrepreneurs who launch their business as a means to do good in the world and solve really tough social issues our kids face.


We ask for a commitment to become an alumni mentor and contribute a % of annual revenue to the Fight Back Foundation after the completion of the year-long incubator to ”pay it forward’ and help future Fight Back Fellows launch.

Our Fight Back Family of Fellows

Protecting Colorado Children Hurt by Domestic Violence.

Bringing Colorado Moms Together to Tackle Tough Issues.

Bringing Colorado Dads Together to Tackle Tough Issues.

Helping Schools Protect Our Kids.

Bringing Colorado College Students Together to Tackle Tough Issues.

Research and Advocacy to Increase Sexual Assault Prosecution Rates.